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Grow Bags

The reigning product in soilless culture under controlled environments, coir grow bags are the most sought-after product in present-day hydroponics. With more and more growers in the world looking for eco-friendly media, the demand for our high-quality grow bags has seen a significant increase enabling us to serve and help more customers achieve success.

Because of its unique characteristics owing to excellent manufacturing standards, our main brand Forteco is renowned as the leading brand of coco substrates.

Grow bags can be made to customer-specific requirements in a variety of sizes.


Material Type

Husk chips /coir pith (washed/unwashed profit, Power, Basic, Power next, Maximum, Xpress and Euro+)


100x15x10cm | 100x20x10cm | 120x15x10cm | 80x20x10cm | 90x15x10cm
and can arrange customize sizes with considering the available mould sizes.


In plastic bags with pre-made plant holes, and drain holes

The values of a grow bag which are invaluable to growers

Provides a stable structure during culture
Steers your crops for maximum yield and fruit quality
Equally suitable for vegetables, flowers, and fruits
Minimizes the risk of disease and produces stronger plants
Purpose-made slabs with pre-cut plant/ drain holes- reduces labour costs in installation
Ideal air-water ratio
Optimizes the use of water and fertilizer
Facilitates faster and dense root establishment due to porous structure
A fully organic environmentally friendly substrate with no disposal problems
Convenient and cost-effective transportation and storage