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Coco Blocks

This is the most economical product for containerised transportation and can be reconstituted by adding water. Coco Blocks is the most used form of packaging by substrate manufacturers and growers for blending and formulating growing media. Coco Blocks could also be used directly for a wide range of mass-scale applications in horticulture as well as in lawns and gardens.

Material TypeWashed/Unwashed Coco Fibre Dust [Coco Peat], Husk Chips or Mixed blocks
Weight4.5-5Kgs per block
Load abilityApprox. 22-25 tons per 40’ft container depending on the packing mode.
PackingOption 1: Naked blocks loosely loaded into the container
Option 2: Naked blocks stacked on pallets and loaded into a container.
(also available individually packed in HDPE handle cut bags with customized label inserts for retail market)
Reconstituted VolumeBetween 12-15 Ltr/kg (cbm/MT) depending on the type of the material

Cost-Effective & Convenient Coco Blocks

  • Strong water retaining capacity
  • Organic and easy recycling
  • Convenient and cost effective to transport
  • Can be used in multiple modes of applications
  • Suitable for mass-scale applications and cultivations