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Diverse Product Range

We strive to provide the finest quality products through a process that guarantees consistency at every single step with an unparalleled quality assurance system spearheaded by a competent and specialized team. This stringent process warrants that only the finest products reach our clients exceeding their expectations.  

The finest quality of our products coupled with our unmatched service ensures the best customer experience. We ensure that these processes evolve through a continuous improvement process to continue providing the most fitting solutions for their unique requirements.

Grow Bags

• Ready to Use Product
• Most suitable for vegetables and soft fruits
• Can use multiple years for crops.

Grow Pots

• Convenient and user friendly
• Ideal for growing different verity of crops
• Size can be customized

Propagation Cubes

• Best Product for Nursery needs
• 100% compostable raw material
• Easy replanting or transferring

Coco Blocks

• Can be used in multiple modes of application
• Convenient loadability
• Can be Re-constituted by adding water

Coco Discs

• Most suitable for Floriculture potted plants
• Easy application
• Multiple sizes for fit pots and containers