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Propagation Cubes

This product, made of 100% compostable raw material is best used for propagation in plant nurseries & greenhouses. Our primary focus is to ensure these cubes are manufactured with minimum variance in size, addressing the needs of both growers who work with manual processes as well as those with sophisticated technology and automated systems.

Propagation Cubes are available in multiple sizes and can be customized according to customer specifications and requirements. The standard basic sizes commonly available are as below.

Material Type Standard basic coco peat or crushed coconut husk
Size 7x7x7cm (expanded)
10x10x7 cm (expanded)
15x10x7 cm (expanded)
20x10x7 cm (expanded)
20x10x9 cm (expanded)
Packing In plastic bags with pre-made plant holes, plank holes and drain holes or removable bottom / Perforated bottom

Benefits of Propagation Cubes

  • Organic and easy recycling
  • Easier and compact for efficient transportation
  • Custom made to suit grower needs
  • Easy re-planting or transferring