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25 years of Passion, Dedication & Commitment

Euro Substrates (Pvt) Ltd was established with the objective of supplying high-quality coco substrates to professional growers around the world.

Today we are renowned across the globe for our finest quality high performing products, essentially due to our unwavering commitment to continuous product and process innovation.

Renewable resource
eco-friendly solutions

Serving 40+ markets
6 continents

1300+ team members 
over 65% women

Spearheading sustainable innovation

Fully-fledged production
facilities – Sri Lanka – India

Finest quality, reliability,
and superior performance

Handling 600,000+ M³
substrates annually

Vander Knapp Group,
Netherlands affiliated

Global Footprint

We provide professional substrates for a variety of crops to generate value and achieve success in horticulture across the globe supporting the global food system. We fully comprehend the fact that our clients have diverse needs and conditions to obtain the best yields. Therefore, we offer crop/client-specific products to suit a variety of growing techniques, be it vegetables, soft fruits, ornamentals, or cannabis.

Our customized products with specific physical and chemical parameters guarantee stability and consistent performance for best results. Our geographical footprint covers six continents with markets in over 40 countries well supported by production facilities in Sri Lanka and India.

Affiliated to Vander Knaap, Netherlands

Our Strategic Partners

Strong partnership with the Van der Knaap Group of Companies, in the Netherlands, has been instrumental in our success. This relationship has given us cutting-edge product development capabilities. Our stringent quality assurance systems, as well as innovative and customized solutions spearheaded by our agile and competent team in close collaboration with our partners have aided us to set standards that are unmatched in the industry.

State of the Art Production Facilities

With the establishment of Growrite Substrates (Pvt) Ltd in 2006: one of the most advanced coco substrates processing facilities, we have taken a giant leap forward towards meeting the ever-increasing demand for our high-quality grow bags.

Diverse Product Range

We strive to provide the finest quality products through a process that guarantees consistency at every single step. We have adopted an unparalleled quality assurance system. Our competent and specialized team is responsible for this process that guarantees only the finest products are delivered  exceeding the expectations of our clients.

The finest quality of our products coupled with our unmatched service makes it possible to meet a variety of unique needs presented by our customers. We ensure that these standards are maintained through a continuous improvement process to continue providing the most fitting solutions for their requirements.


Total CO2 saved by solar production
Total kWh generated by the TEG Group Solar Systems
Equivalent Trees Planted
(TEG )

Sustainability is Our Business

Sustainability is our highest priority in business and reflects in all our growth strategies. Careful use of our natural resources and maintaining the right ecological balance to meet the needs of both present and future generations alike, is a deep-rooted value that we live by. This commitment is apparent in our products, which are made utilizing a 100% natural renewable resource enhancing circularity.