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Grow Pots

Grow pots also known as ‘planter bags’ come with pre-cut drain holes so that the bag itself can act like a pot. By just adding water the coir is hydrated inside the bag and is ready for planting. This offers convenience to growers of different scales, allowing for easy transfer to other pots or improvising and customizing as required.

Material Type Standard Basic coco peat or crushed coconut husk or a combination as per request. (in unwashed, washed, or pre-fertilized material)
Size Standard bags are available in 8L, 10L & 12L or can be customized to the specific growing need of the customer
Packing In UV-treated plastic bags with pre-cut drain holes

Getting the Best out of your Grow pots

  • Ideal for growing a variety of plants
  • Use each bag to grow individual plants or even two at a time
  • Convenient, user-friendly & easy recycling
  • Ready to use – can be used directly as a pot
  • Size can be customized according to customer-specific dimensions
  • Consistent, reliable, and easy to use, for growers of any scale